Bulletin Letter – 10/15/23

October 14-15, 2023

Dear parishioners,

Thanks for your patience with regard to our monthly Catholic Chat With Father “gatherings.” We recently tried
to streamline our Zoom account access so that it is easier for our Parish Leadership Team to use- different
people at different times. However, this process has not gone smoothly and we are still trying to iron out why
our account has not been working as expected. This, of course, is the reason that the last two attempts at
Catholic Chat With Father have not been able to happen. We are hoping to have this taken care of by the next
time, but we will let you know if anything holds us up more. Thanks again for your patience!

I would like to offer a reminder that November 1 is the Solemnity of All Saints, and is a Holy Day of
Obligation. Please note that the Mass schedule for All Saints will be slightly different than what we have been
accustomed to. Kindly be aware that we will not be having a vigil Mass the evening before on October 31.
However, we will be offering three Masses on November 1 itself. Our first Mass will be our school Mass at
9:15 in Payne, then our usual 12:00 Mass in Paulding, then a 7:00 p.m. Mass in Paulding. We decided to
try this schedule because it will hopefully be easier for families to attend Mass and fulfill their obligation since
Wednesday evenings are still recognized as “church night” throughout the county and sporting events are not
supposed to be scheduled on Wednesday evenings. Likewise, our PSR classes, Y-Disciple groups, and Rescue
Project gatherings will not be meeting on November 1 so that all involved with these groups will have an
opportunity to attend Mass and fulfill their obligation. Thanks in advance for your understanding and flexibility
on the schedule adjustment, and thanks for helping us emphasize the importance of the Mass over and above all
the other good things we have going on in our lives!

On a related note, November 2 is the feast of All Souls, on which we pray and offer Masses for the souls in
Purgatory. As is permitted by the Church, and as I like to do, I will be offering three Masses that day. The first
Mass will at 8a.m. in Payne, the second at 12:00 in Paulding, and the third will be at 7:00p.m. in Payne. Please
consider attending any of the three Masses to join our prayers to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered
for those who have died!

In two weeks, on October 29, I will be putting on an event that will hopefully answer some questions that many
have, but might not realize how common their questions are, specifically about Catholic funerals. We have
received many inquiries at the parish office about different aspects, practical and otherwise, about funerals and
we hope this event will be a chance for parishioners to find the clarification they are seeking. Following the
10:30 Mass on October 29, the parish will provide a light lunch in the Paulding church basement for anyone
attending the event. Then, I will give a brief presentation on the Church’s understanding of funerals: what they
are and what the are not, why to have a Mass, the do’s and don’ts of cremation, some practical considerations
for a funeral Mass, and perhaps a few other items. After me, Dooley Funeral Home will provide some practical
considerations pertaining to the planning of funerals: why to express your wishes to your loved ones, who
makes the decisions after someone dies, the value of pre-planning your funeral, etc. After, we will take time to
answer whatever questions might be remaining. Please consider joining us for this event!

Fr. Ammanniti