Bulletin Letter – 10/8/23

Dear parishioners,

As you have already noticed in the bulletin for the last couple of weeks, we have reached 100% of our goal for
the 2023 Annual Catholic Appeal. Thank you to everyone who contributed to help us cross the finish line of
our $30,676 goal! The money donated to the ACA supports many important diocesan-wide ministries, such as
our diocesan Catholic schools, Catholic Charities, educating our seminarians, and supporting the diocesan
tribunal, which facilitates the annulment process for the whole diocese. So, many people across the diocese,
including some of our own parishioners, will benefit from your generous support of the day-to-day ministries of
the diocese. Again, many thanks to all of you!

Now that the new school year is well underway at this point, I would once again like to invite any boys who are
in 3 rd grade or older to be altar servers at our weekend Masses. Parents/guardians of any boys interested should
contact the parish office. After a while, we will reach out to all interested so that we can schedule a date to do a
training in the church; the training usually only lasts an hour. After that, we will add the boys to the normal
weekend rotation, and we will be sure to only schedule them for the Mass time(s) that you indicate. Please
encourage your boys to consider this important ministry!

I have received reports from multiple parishioners that they have had frustrations with the pledge fulfillment
process of the United in Christ capital campaign. Parishioners have expressed to me that they have tried to
make payments, but they have encountered a number of road blocks. Please know that these payments are
processed by the diocese and then catalogued and maintained by a third-party company. As such, I would like
to clarify that all the frustrations expressed to me regarding the pledge fulfillment process are errors that
happened on the diocesan or third-party level. The diocese has worked to remedy these issues in recent months,
including personnel changes. If you experience any further issues in the pledge fulfillment process, we can try
to find a solution by contacting the diocese for you. You are also welcome to contact the diocese since they
directly handle pledge fulfillment. Another option for everyone in this regard is to make payments directly by
going online to: https://www.livingchristcampaign.org/. Thank you to those who have already donated!

Have a blessed week!
Fr. Ammanniti