Bulletin letter – 12/12/21

Dear parishioners,

The following is a summary of the most recent finance council meeting.

At the time of our meeting a few weeks ago, our investments in the Catholic Investment Trust totaled $503,601.  We are very pleased with this number!  Our principal amount of $400,000 has grown over $100,000 over the last two years.  As we are able, we continue to move money into this investment trust.  As with anything pertaining to the market, we know that some quarters are better than others, but we are always looking toward the long-term gains that come from these types of investments.

Our Mission Fund has $2488, and our Maintenance Fund has a little over $34,000.

The work on rectory foundation has been completed.  Currently, we have received donations for all but $5000 of the total $62,000 that it cost us to do this work.  I should mention here that all of these donations were restricted gifts specifically for the rectory foundation work.  This means, of course, that none of this money was taken from our normal operating budget.  Thank you to everyone who donated to make this project happen!

As you have seen in our usual bulletin updates, our Sunday collection numbers are still well above budget.  As of last week’s bulletin, we were over $19,000 over our YTD budget.  THANK YOU for your continued support of our parish!

The finance council approved a $250 donation to the Paulding Habitat for Humanity and a $250 donation to Hands of Hope Pregnancy Services.  These donations will be taken from our Mission Fund.

At the time of writing this article, the garage door for the Antwerp garage has not yet been delivered.  We were told that the estimated installation date was scheduled for December 2.  Anyway, the cost for this will be $1740.  Additionally, I mentioned in a previous bulletin article that we will be replacing some of the doors in the Antwerp Center so that they will be compliant with the diocesan guidelines for protecting youth.  We had a company come to do an initial assessment of the work to be done, and we are awaiting the estimate of the cost.

Otherwise, there is not much else to report at this time because all non-urgent capital maintenance projects have been temporarily put on hold as we make our way through our long-term planning process for our parish.  As the process continues, I will be sure to provide updates.  Thank you for your patience as we move through this process; it takes time for us to discuss what will be best for our parish, and it is best that we consider all of the information and all of our options before narrowing in on what will be the best path forward.

God bless,

Fr. Ammanniti