Bulletin Letter – 12/4/22

Dear parishioners,

Since I provided an update regarding the capital campaign a couple weeks ago, I have received a few questions, which I would like to take a moment to answer here.  Thank you to those who have asked questions; this is definitely preferred over people turning to the rumor mill, which is much too active right now!

Remind me- what are raising money for again?

With the funds raised by our United in Christ capital campaign, we will fulfill our goal for Bishop Thomas’ diocesan campaign ($367,250), provide for the repairs and maintenance that need done at the Paulding church and Ed Center ($500,000-$600,000), add a secure double-entry system onto our school while updating our school gym (~$100,000 combined); these items are the necessary items that will be tackled first.  If we raise money beyond these projects, we hope to revitalize the sanctuary in the Paulding church.

Why have some parishioners had meetings with the campaign committee members and some have not?  What about this mailing that Father mentioned will be coming?

The capital campaign committee members and I have been working to meet with as many parishioners as possible.  With a small committee and many people to reach out to, we can only call/meet with a limited number of people at a time.  However, if you have not received a phone call or had a meeting, you will receive a postal mailing probably this week with details about the campaign and how to make a pledge if you are interested.  One-time gifts are also accepted.

But I donate to the Annual Catholic Appeal.  How is the Bishop’s campaign different from that?

While the Annual Catholic Appeal does raise money for some of the same items/ministries that I have previously explained will be supported by the Bishop’s current campaign, there is a distinction to be made.  The ACA constitutes a small portion of the Diocese’s annual operating budget.  This means that the money raised through the ACA is already needed to meet the projected expenses for the fiscal year.  The Bishop’s current capital campaign, however, is to expand some of the ministries that are already in place.  This means that the money raised through his campaign will be used to provide for the future ministry of the diocese- items in which the Bishop hopes to invest, but will only be able to make use of what is eventually raised.

Do we have to wait the entire 5 year pledge period before we can use the funds raised?

No. As donations are received, 50% of a donation goes to Divine Mercy and 50% goes to cover our goal for the Bishop’s campaign.  However, once we have our amount donated for the Bishop’s campaign, then 100% of every donation comes to Divine Mercy.  The money that comes to Divine Mercy, even during the 50/50 phase, can be used once it is received.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at the parish office.

God bless!

Fr. Ammanniti