Bulletin Letter – 2/4/24

February 3-4, 2024

Dear parishioners,

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago in the bulletin, we will be holding our Lenten afternoon of reflection on Sunday, February 25. We will begin with lunch after the 10:30 Mass in the Paulding church basement, and then we will be blessed to have Patricia Oedy-Murray deliver a reflection on “The Eucharist and the Cross.” Of course, this theme will tie together the Lenten Season with the national Eucharistic Revival. Once the reflection is finished, we will have an opportunity to come before Jesus in the Eucharist as I will be exposing the Blessed Sacrament for a half hour. As we did last year, we intend to have child care available in the Ed Center after lunch and during the reflection. Please consider coming to this event, which will be free of charge, and an opportunity to draw closer to Christ as we make our way through the spiritual practices of Lent!

As you have already seen in the bulletin, a bible study for adults is meeting on Wednesday evenings for the next couple of months. The group gathers every Wednesday in the Paulding church basement from 6:45 until 7:45p.m. Currently, the group is working through “Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible” by Catholic biblical scholar Jeff Cavins. This series is directed at helping everyone better understand details of some of the overarching themes of Scripture, including details pertaining to important people, places, and cultures in Scripture. With the help of the explanations in this series, we should be able to more easily access some of the deeper meanings to be found in scriptural passages, which can often evade us when cultural references are not noticed. There is no cost to attend this Bible study and all are certainly invited to attend! So, whether you are already comfortable reading Scripture and would like to go deeper in your understanding of it, or are not so experienced in this area and would simply like to make more sense of what is in the Bible, you are welcome to come, listen Jeff Cavins’ explanations, and listen to/join in the discussions of those gathered with you. At the end of the day, the goal of this Bible study is for all of us to grow in our understanding of Scripture, and therefore in our knowledge and love of Christ. So, once again, these gatherings are open to all; please consider
attending! We conveniently scheduled this event to line up with the time that students are in our P.S.R. classes at the Paulding Ed Center. As such, this is a constructive (and warmer!) alternative for P.S.R parents who might be tempted to sit in their car for the duration of the P.S.R. class time!

Lastly, I would simply like to offer a reminder for those interested that the American Red Cross Bloodmobile will be holding a blood drive at our Paulding location this Thursday, February 8 from 11:30a.m. until 5:30p.m.

Fr. Ammanniti