Bulletin Letter – 3/29/20

Dear Parishioners,                                                                    +JMJ

Before the recent “stay at home order” of Governor DeWine, we had another finance council meeting. The agenda was unusual, given the special circumstances of the coronavirus, and a request brought to us by Paulding Exempted Village Schools (PEVS). As of my writing this letter, the finance council will be meeting again by conference call to review the basic financial reports that we didn’t have time to cover. Knowing the basic status of parish finances is crucial right now, as the finance council will help me with any decisions I might have to make if collections during the pandemic are significantly reduced. Here are highlights from our meeting:

Coronavirus Items

  • Since public Masses are suspended, I am offering a video taped Mass every day, to help pressures maintain their love for our Eucharistic Lord. I will offer a pastoral message from time to time as well. We are looking at other uplifting online messages that could be produced to give hope and share faith.
  • I expect that weekly offerings will be greatly impacted by the lack of public Masses. While I realize that many people are under economic stress brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, I also hope that those people who are still able to maintain their faithful giving will do so, and perhaps even give some extra in this time. Again, I realize many people are economically stressed now and might not be able to give. Now, more than ever, we will feel the fact that we are trying to sustain three campuses. Then, we also have teacher contracts to honor, and we need some people in the office still.
  • I will be suspending my own personal paycheck during the time of the coronavirus, in order to do my part to help the parish meet expenses. I don’t have family financially to support, nor a mortgage.
  • We talked about Title I and John Peterson funds from the state for the school, and the uncertainty about them. We are waiting for for the guidance on these funds.
  • All maintenance projects will be put on hold at this time, with the exception of the couple improvements for which we already signed contracts.

Paulding Village Exempted Schools Request

  • In early February the administration of PEVS approached us to ask if it would be possible to rent out throughout the school year, every weekday, a couple of our rooms at the Ed Center in Paulding. PEVS would use those couple rooms each school day for a program for students who need something other than a classical classroom environment. The program would start at the Ed Center this coming Fall. While we want to help such students and their families, there certainly are many, many details to anticipate, in order to determine if the program could work in our building. All of that is in process now. We have been discussing this with the pastoral leadership team, and with diocesan legal counsel. We have also sought advice regarding security and internet technology; and we have raised questions about fire code requirement. finance council members raised many good questions as well.

So, there are the highlights from the finance council meeting.

Please stay safe, and stay holy in the midst of this pandemic. You are all in my Mass, my breviary and my rosary each day. Please call the office if you have some need that you think we could meet. Please take care of those around you who seem particularly vulnerable – especially the elderly.

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae,

Father Poggemeyer