Bulletin Letter – 5/17/20

This week, I have asked Fr. Ammanniti to write a brief introduction for you:

Dear parishioners,

A few weeks ago, I was able to make a very brief trip to Paulding County to visit with Fr. Poggemeyer, tour our parish facilities, and meet our parish staff.  I can certainly say that I am excited to be with you all at the beginning of July!  Special thanks to Fr. Poggemeyer and the parish leadership team for making the visit very enjoyable.

I am definitely looking forward to introducing myself in person, but allow me to introduce myself now as much as I can in a bulletin article.  I am originally from Bellevue, Ohio- a small town in the northeastern part of our diocese.  Most of my family still lives there, including my parents, grandparents, and my brother with his wife and three sons.  I also have two sisters, one in Columbus and one in Toledo.

I do have a small connection to Paulding County: my father once worked for Norfolk Southern Railway.  NS has a yard in Bellevue, but my father and his crew were often sent out of town to do routine maintenance on the tracks.  He has made many trips down to Payne to work on the tracks there.

I am also very grateful to have attended the Catholic elementary school at my home parish from first through eighth grade.  While Fr. Poggemeyer was giving me a tour of Divine Mercy School, I fondly remembered my own experiences in a Catholic school, and am eager to start working with Joe Linder, our teachers, and our students to continue the mission of Catholic education in Paulding County!

I completed the first part of my seminary studies at the Josephinum in Columbus, and I was spoiled to complete the second part of my studies in Rome.  Before departing for Rome, I was blessed to spend a summer with Fr. Poggemeyer in Toledo.  I am honored to follow him at Divine Mercy; hopefully I remember everything he taught me!

Please be assured that I am already praying for everyone at Divine Mercy Parish, even as I am finishing up my assignment at St. Peter’s in Mansfield.  When you have a spare minute, please remember to say a prayer for me as well.  I look forward to seeing you all in July!

In Christ,

Fr. Ammanniti