Bulletin letter – 6/14/20

Dear Parishioners,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      +JMJ

I am writing this bulletin letter in the weekdays after our opening of weekend public Masses. I’m so grateful that everything worked out as smoothly as it did for these first Masses. It really took a lot of work on the part of the parish staff, as well as the sacristans and the volunteer ministry coordinators, schedulers and others. It certainly took the cooperation of all of us, being of goodwill, desiring what is best, and being humble enough to follow the direction of our bishops, who are doing their best to make prudent decisions, based on what our governor has directed. I am so grateful for everybody’s amazing effort, and amazing goodwill. Thank you! We probably still have a number of months of Masses with the various precautions against COVID-19. Thanks in advance for ongoing effort and goodwill!

On a second note, congratulations to all of our children who received their First Communion at yesterday’s special Mass!  As I wrote in an earlier bulletin letter, celebrating First Communions at a special Mass is something we are only planning in this time of COVID-19, because of space restrictions for social distancing. May this first reception of Holy Communion be the beginning of life with the Eucharist as the Source and Summit for all of our children and their families. Jesus in the Eucharist wants nothing less than to be the Center of all of our lives. And, from there He will make us all that we can be for Him and for the rest of the world!

On another note, a couple weeks ago the parish reached our ACA goal for the Bishop’s campaign – even in the midst of COVID-19! Congratulations to everybody who gave to that effort. I think it’s an important effort, which is why I also gave a significant gift. Also, thank you for such generosity! I truly think it sends the right message to the Bishop, that although we are on the outskirts of the Diocese, we fully realize that we are part of the Diocesan mission in Nothwest Ohio.

Finally, I hope that everybody has become aware that Fr. Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus, is now scheduled to be beatified. He had been named “venerable” by the Holy See in March 2008. That title came after an exhaustive study of his life, involving all people and resources as possible; at which point the Holy See determined that Fr. McGivney had indeed lived heroic virtue. That’s actually the most important thing in the entire process of canonization! It’s heroic virtue that brings somebody to be recognized a saint. Then all that was needed was a miracle to be attributed to him, to sort of prove his intercessory presence with God. Medical and theological experts must carefully examine the evidence in order to pass judgment on a purported miracle. It cannot have a human, scientific explanation. Well, the Holy See accepted such a miracle, made by the intercession of Venerable Fr. McGivney. A particularly beautiful point is that – given the Knights of Columbus’ focus on protecting the most vulnerable in society, i.e., the unborn child – the miracle for which Fr. McGivney intereceded was the 2005 in utero healing of a child from a life-threatening condition – the healing of a little child in his mother’s womb, after the family prayed explicitly to Fr. McGivney for help. That’s quite beautiful! Thank the Lord for saints helping us along our way! Congratulations to the Knights of Columbus upon the eventual beatification of their founder!


Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae,

Father Poggemeyer