Bulletin Letter – 6/27/21

Dear Parishioners,

As this Wednesday, June 30, marks the end of the fiscal year, we will be preparing the annual financial report in the coming weeks. Once the report is reviewed by our parish finance council, we will be mailing it out to all parishioners as we usually do.  The plan is to have them out in the mail before the end of the month.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we have had to reschedule our Wine Tasting event.  It will now be held on Saturday, October 2.  Please come and join us for a fun evening!  The proceeds from the event will go toward our building and maintenance fund.  I know we usually specify a project toward which the Wine Tasting profits go, but many projects are currently temporarily on hold as we enter into our long-term planning process.  Obviously, we will still need to tackle maintenance projects as we go, but I find it prudent to only tackle the most immediately pressing ones until we get a long-term plan in place for our parish.  I will certainly provide more updates on this process as we go.  As I mentioned a month ago, my goal is to be completely transparent through the long-term planning process.  As of now, I have no new information to present.

Also, I would like to offer another reminder that we will be having our parish open house/cookout after the 10:30 Mass on July 11 at the rectory.  Please consider coming for a good relaxing time with parishioners!  At this event, I will be happy to show parishioners around the rectory.  As part of this, of course, I will be happy to show the rectory basement to anyone interested and answer any questions regarding the upcoming maintenance work that needs done there.

Hoping you all are enjoying your summer!  God bless you all!

Fr. Ammanniti