Bulletin Letter – 6/7/20

Dear Parishioners,                                                                                                                                                                                                      +JMJ

A couple weeks ago we had our last finance council meeting of the year. The following are some of the main points:

– We reviewed the normal financial reports: the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement, the accounts payable. We asked for volunteers to come in and complete the internal audit reports for the last number of months.

– We went line-by-line through next year’s budget proposal. That will be fiscal year July 2020—June 2021. The decision was made to add a line item for next year’s budget dedicated to potential, special COVID-19 expenses. What could those be? It is very difficult to predict. Ongoing extra cleaning supplies? Ongoing masks for Communion distributors and servers at Communion time at Mass? Some special COVID-19 materials for the school? We really don’t know. But we found a place in the budget to anticipate about $15,000 connected to COVID-19 needs.

– We noted that cumulative collections in March and April, including Easter, are below budget by about $14,000. This of course is because we were not having public Masses. Many people have still been very generous, however, even without public Masses. We are grateful for their generosity! We have tried to publish our MyEoffering link regularly on all our social media for those who are still able to make a faithful financial gift.

– Our Pre-K program was pro-rated for half payment for March, and then no charges for the remainder of the year, given distance learning once COVID-19 set in. That meant $6,455 less in tuition income for the year.

– We received loan money from the Cares Act Payroll Protection Program – $80,600. This money is to be used within eight weeks, covering payroll, health insurance benefits, dental and vision insurance benefits, retirement benefits, utilities and rental agreements. We are keeping a very careful record of every expense made with this loan money. As of May 15th, we had already used $40,705 of this loan. The hope is that we will be able to have the entirety of the loan forgiven, if we are able to prove it was used according to its purpose. We are very grateful for this help!

– We received $1,807 from the diocesan “One Faith Many Blessing Campaign”, To be put towards tuition assistance for families affected by COVID-19. We received another anonymous donation for $2000, to be used likewise.

– We noted the various improvement projects around the parish that are now on hold due to COVID-19.

– The three awning replacements at our Antwerp church will be $4,432. This contract was signed before COVID-19, to be completed within the next number of weeks, now that the company is back to work.

– We completed the Wi-Fi upgrade at the Antwerp Center for $2,698. This includes a wireless internet bridge between the Church and hall. We also purchased a large smart TV and wall bracket for $2,028. This will serve many purposes long-term at that campus, but most immediately we hope it will prevent us from having to turn anybody away from Holy Mass at that campus, given social distancing restrictions. The hall can now serve as overflow with live-feed of the Mass.

– At the Payne hall a projector and screen were installed. Wi-Fi was upgraded. $6,387 paid by the PTA and various school funds. The projector and screen and improved Wi-Fi will serve various school purposes, but also be useful for general parish activities. A wireless internet bridge was installed between the hall and the church, allowing for live-feed Mass, so that the hall can serve as overflow. The Payne internet bridge cost is $4,634.

– For the Payne hall, we are getting forts for the floor, carpet or sound boards on the walls, new curtains. There are funds from memorials for this – $20,000. We ordered a new scoreboard, $4,000 using alumni funds.

– We installed security cameras overlooking the Paulding Prayer Garden. This is because we have had four cases of vandalism in the past year. The cost was $3,693. We ordered “surveillance” signs also, in order to deter more vandalism. Hopefully this will save us money in the long run, because repairing after vandalism ends up costing us each time.

– We applied for the Auguste Schaefer Liturgical Grant for money to repair the bells at Antwerp and Paulding. For these two campuses the total is $22,425. We asked for $15,000.

– Finally, we looked at the status of the contract for possibly allowing Paulding Exempt Village Schools to rent some rooms from our Ed Center at Paulding for a special education program during the academic year. Because of significant disagreement, the contract will not happen, unfortunately.

So, there are the highlights from the finance council meeting. Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae,

Father Poggemeyer