Bulletin Letter – 8/20/23

Dear parishioners,

When I provided the sacramental data and the number of registered parishioners in last weekend’s bulletin, I
forgot to include the numbers on average weekend Mass attendance. At the end of June, 2022, our average
weekend Mass attendance was at 453 individuals; at the end of June, 2023, our average weekend Mass
attendance was 445 individuals.

Some have asked about the lifts and other equipment outside of our Paulding church. I think I mentioned this
generally a few weeks ago in the bulletin, but I might not have given the specifics. This equipment has been for
repairing/restoring the tuck pointing on the church, which has been in progress for the last few weeks. In
addition to the tuck pointing, the painted trim around the exterior of the windows will be repainted because the
paint is peeling. Everything that is currently painted bright red will soon be painted to match the burgundy
color that is currently on the exterior of the rose window on the front of the church. The total cost for all of this
work (tuck pointing and painting) is $34,000. This project will be covered in full by the money that you have
already generously donated to the Capital Campaign. Thank you!

Some have also asked about something we have listed in the bulletin regarding praying together as a parish
asking Jesus to send us more laborers for the harvest (Mt. 9:37-38), i.e. more priests for our diocese. Not only
does Jesus command us to do this, but it is also something that we can tie into the National Eucharistic Revival
that the U.S. Bishops are currently encouraging. In fact, praying for vocations has been one of the priorities of
the Eucharistic Revival, and something the Bishop Thomas has emphasized as well, as he did in his most recent
Leading the Flock article.

So, I have decided that as a parish we will try to do a short period of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (a.k.a.
Adoration) after each of the weekend Masses on four weekends of the year. The intention is that we will pray
together as a parish that those men of our diocese whom the Lord is calling to be priests hear and respond
faithfully to his call to serve completely in this way. So, we will start by doing this quarterly; if it seems that we
can do it more often, that might be something can consider down the road. Our first weekend for doing this will
be next weekend, August 26 and 27. How it will work: at the end of each Mass next weekend, I will expose the
Blessed Sacrament for 20 minutes. You are welcome to stay for the whole 20 minutes, or simply stay for 5
minutes. As I mentioned, our purpose is to pray together for vocations to the priesthood, but obviously it is a
time to give Jesus whatever other prayers we want to offer him. If you can’t stay to pray for a few minutes,
please be respectful of those who are staying by saving any conversations for outside. Of course, remember to
say a prayer for those men from our own parish whom the Lord is calling to the priesthood; I am sure that there
are at least a few!

One last note on praying for vocations. Bishop Thomas has asked everyone in the diocese to at least pray one
Hail Mary every day for the men being called to the priesthood to respond to that call. This is something very
simple for all of us to do! I encourage everyone to take up the Bishop’s invitation in to do this; who knows
what fruits our prayers might produce!

Fr. Ammanniti