Bulletin Letter – 8/23/20

Dear Parishioners,

A few items:

I would like to correct something I mentioned in a previous bulletin article regarding school Masses this academic year.  After discussing the matter with Joe Linder and our teachers, we all came to the conclusion that we will not be able to have the Hall available for overflow seating on Thursdays while the school Mass is happening.  We made this decision because some classes will need to use the Hall after Mass.  Therefore, it will be very difficult to get all the chairs put away, rearranged, and sanitized before the students arrive for their class.  It would also take some time to switch the projector back onto the school network and get it prepared for the teachers’ lessons.  We will see how it goes with the seating in the church- we might have to make further adjustments in the future regarding parishioner/parent seating.  Thank you in advance for your patience in this matter!

On a different note, since I have arrived, I have heard many people express concern over what they fear might happen after the COVID pandemic has abated, namely, that people might get a little too comfortable staying at home for Mass and not return once the dispensation from the Sunday obligation is lifted. (As a side note, I tend to be more optimistic about this; after all, being away from the Eucharist should increase our desire to receive Jesus again in Communion!)  If you are one of those who are concerned, or are perhaps feeling that temptation to not return for Mass after COVID, then be sure to check out the Diocese of Toledo’s website for the latest addition to the COVID-19 section of the site (https://www.reconnecttoledo.org).  The Diocese recently added a “Why go back to Mass?” video series that aims at helping people understand why it is important to eventually get back to Mass once the dispensation is lifted.  To be clear, however, the dispensation remains in effect until Bishop Thomas informs us otherwise.  The Diocese’s COVID-19 page has many useful resources on it that will help all of us stay rooted in our faith throughout the pandemic and help us to continue to grow spiritually, even while we cannot do everything as we are accustomed to doing.

Speaking of useful resources, please continue to take advantage of our parish subscription to FORMED (www.formed.org)!  The site has so many useful resources on so many different topics of our faith, that one will be hard-pressed to say that they could not find something that interested them.  Among other items, FORMED recently added their new series called “The Search”, which hopes to draw to the Church both those who have fallen away from the practice of the Catholic faith and those who are “drifting” and seeking answers to some of life’s biggest questions.  Of course, the series shows that the answers to those questions are ultimately found in Christ and His Church.  This series, like many on FORMED, is very compelling and well made.  Feel free to share it with family and friends!

Lastly, special thanks go to the parishioners who stepped forward to donate all of the necessary funds for the speaker system at our Antwerp church.  Now, we just have to work out the timing and logistics.  I know I am not the only one who is looking forward to this upgrade!

God Bless!

Fr. Ammanniti