Bulletin Letter – 8/9/20

Dear Parishioners,

As you know, in the last year, we have been able to accomplish a number of projects on all three of our campuses.  Because we worked together as a community, we have been able to take good care of our facilities, and in many ways upgrade them.  Of course, with the onset of the Coronavirus, adjusting how we do Mass at each campus has naturally come to the forefront of our projects.  To this end, I would like to publicly thank the Paulding Knights of Columbus for recently donating a Smart TV to replace the older (non-Smart) TV in the Paulding church narthex.  With this upgrade, the TV should be much more compatible with our video and audio used to stream the Mass into the narthex area.  I understand that the first weekend it was used, we had some difficulty with the video; thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks!

Although unrelated to COVID, there are a few other projects which we need to take care of on the Paulding campus.  In the church, there are a few areas at which the plaster on the wall needs to be repaired: in the choir loft below the rose window, a few spots near the holy family (to the left of the main altar as one looks from the pews), and a little bit near the elevator.  We had the areas inspected and fortunately, this all seems to be from old leaks that have already been fixed and there is no indication that any new leakage is happening.  The other project is work that is needed in the prayer garden.  The Marian grotto has some big cracks throughout and one place where one of the big stones fell out of the wall.  The work will entail tuck pointing the mortar, cleaning the lime deposits, sealing, and applying water repellant to the grotto.  The total cost for fixing the plaster in the church and repairing the grotto of the prayer garden comes to $8000.  Know that your contributions to this cause will be appreciated by many people!

There were also some projects that were either put on hold or interrupted because of COVID.  One of those projects was upgrading the speaker system at our Antwerp campus.  With the way it is currently arranged, the big speakers (used with the old organ which is no longer there) in the back of the choir loft are incredibly overpowering for those who sit up there.  In addition, the current location of the organ, in relation to the two big speakers, makes it difficult for the organist to really hear the volume of what’s being played.  Because the organ speakers are so far from the cantor singing on the ground floor, there is a bit of a delay between when the music is played to when the cantor hears it.

We have been working with a company to remedy the above-mentioned problems.  The proposed plan is to replace the two big speakers at the back of the loft with smaller ones that will suffice for those seated there.  The two big speakers will be placed somewhere near the organ, and the volume on them will be turned down.  Lastly, the plan is to put a custom-made speaker on top of the confessional, which will be able to provide sound for everyone seated downstairs, without overpowering anyone.  The total cost for these upgrades will come to $3600 and we are very blessed to have already received $1500 in donations toward this end.  Of course, this means that we still need $2100 to cover the entire cost of the project.  Please contact Dianne Jones or myself if you have any questions or are inspired to help us make the project happen!

We do have some forthcoming projects for our Payne campus, but we are still gathering information so that we can provide more precise numbers to the parish regarding what they will cost.  Stay tuned!

Blessings to you all!

Fr. Ammanniti