Bulletin Letter – 9/10/23

September 9-10, 2023

Dear parishioners,

Thank you to all who have been coming to our first Saturday Masses at 8:00 a.m. Not only is it beneficial for
our parish to have the sacrifice of the Mass offered on these Saturday mornings, but it is also a nice opportunity
for parishioners to carry out their Marian devotion if they so desire. As I mentioned in another bulletin article,
part of the first Saturday devotion involves offering the reception of Communion for the reparation of sins and
the conversion of sinners (this includes ourselves even as we offer it for others). As I also mentioned earlier,
one does not need to be doing any specific Marian devotion to attend. I personally appreciate having the first
Saturday Masses for many reasons and am pleased to continue offering it into the future.

However, from October through January, we will temporarily have to put our first Saturday Masses on
hold. This is because I will be teaching a few short courses on those first Saturdays for the men currently
studying to be deacons for our diocese. The classes meet in Fremont at 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturdays of those
months, so it will not be possible for me to do both. Thank you for your patience on this matter! We will
resume our first Saturday Masses on February 3, 2024.

Starting this Wednesday, September 13, we will begin offering a discussion group that will dive into “The
Rescue Project”. This is a growing Catholic initiative started by Fr. John Riccardo and is growing across the
country as part of his Acts XXIX movement. If you have never heard of it, the Rescue Project describes its
mission in these words:

We passionately believe that the most urgent task is the compelling proclamation of the gospel,
one that not only shares it in an attractive – and concentrated – way, but that also offers people a
way of seeing reality, and of making sense of the world, history, and life that is vastly different
from the story our modern culture tells.

Until this happens, the Christian faith is often experienced as a mere set of rules and disciplines,
and simply going to Church isn’t likely to lead a person to embark on the great adventure that is
following Jesus and continuing His mission of the rescuing of this world.

The Rescue Project is for anyone and everyone! It appeals to those who have been walking with
Jesus for years, as well as those for whom Jesus is only a figure in ancient history.

In other words, there is something for everyone in this 9-session experience. For those who are practicing the
faith and familiar with the Church, The Rescue Project will offer us a fresh way of approaching the Gospel
personally, as well as how to share the truth of Jesus with others. For those who have questions about the faith
for whatever reason, hopefully the content of the Rescue Project will provide answers to some really important
questions. If you would like more information, you can find it at https://rescueproject.us/.

As mentioned above, the Rescue Project is open to everyone! Additionally, it is super easy to be a part of.
There is no cost whatsoever to attend the Rescue Project discussion, and there is no registration needed. Please
just show up and bring a friend or family member with you! We will gather weekly on Wednesdays from
6:45-7:45 p.m. in the Paulding church basement, starting this Wednesday, September 13. This time
conveniently matches our PSR time. So, if you are looking for something to do during the hour your children
are attending PSR, please stop down to the church basement and join us! Snacks will be provided. Both you
and your children will finish at the same time, and you will have only made one trip to the Ed Center.

Fr. Ammanniti