Bulletin Letter – 9/4/22

Dear parishioners,

As we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, we are reminded of how grateful we are for all the blessings that Christ has provided for us, and by which, we have been able to provide for ourselves and our families.  Although our work does not always seem like a gift, especially on the difficult days, it is of course a necessary reality in this world- for ourselves and for society as a whole.  We also give thanks to our parents/guardians and those who have gone before us, laboring to provide all that is needed for our families and for our great country.

Pope Paul VI, reflecting on a visit he made to the Holy Land, said, “O Nazareth, home of ‘the carpenter’s son,’ We want here to understand and to praise the austere and redeeming law of human labor, here to restore the consciousness of the dignity of labor, here to recall that work cannot be an end in itself, and that it is free and ennobling in proportion to the values – beyond the economic ones – which motivate it. We would like here to salute all the workers of the world, and to point out to them their great Model, their Divine Brother… Christ the Lord!”

A blessed Labor Day holiday to you and your family!

Fr. Ammanniti