Bulletin Letter August 17

Dear Parishioners,

We had our first finance council meeting under my direction on Thursday, July 31st. The following is a brief overview of our discussion:

-We reviewed the purpose of a finance council: to be a source of wisdom for the pastor regarding the temporal goods of the parish. The council is consultative only.

-We discussed maintenance projects for all three campuses. Highlights were:

  • Sealing of parking lots at each campus
  • Sound system problems at Paulding and Payne locations
  • Dead and dangerous trees recently removed near Paulding Ed Center
  • Tuck-pointing and sealing needed at Antwerp; suggested plastic in crawl space at Antwerp to stop moisture problem
  • Paulding Ed Center roof has been patched
  • Repair of Payne church windows is to happen soon; money already donated for this
  • Payne hall and school roofs to be done soon; awaiting a second quote; money already donated
  • Digging to fix plumbing in basement of Paulding church happened this past week
  • We will double-check to make sure that the anonymous donations for Payne campus are used exactly according to the donor’s wishes

-We reviewed the end-of-year (June end-of-month) financial reports.

-Fr. Poggemeyer explained the status of the diocesan audit: We will receive a report from the diocese in mid-August, and we are expected to make an initial response to all items by end of September. New money counting/handling procedures have already begun, although more in this area as well.

-Applications for the new Bookkeeper II position now being accepted. On Tuesday, August 12th, a team consisting of Fr. Poggemeyer and three others who helped hire in the past are meeting to narrow the applications. Then interviews in the following days.

-Our current maintenance persons at each campus are hoping to lighten their maintenance work for the parish, given other responsibilities. Father is considering either hiring one near-full-time position, or finding reps from each campus who are willing to serve as maintenance coordinators and do some light maintenance themselves, with modest remuneration from the parish. We need some systematic way to handle maintenance, including one maintenance meeting per week.

-We are putting in a new phone system, connected to our new Metalink internet system. The new phone system will allow emergency calls to be identified after hours; and the ringers will be much more programmable to fit our needs. It will also much more easily connect the three campuses and the school. We will also save just under $400/month in fees; so the $4,000 outlay for setup will be payed for itself by cost savings in about ten months.

So, there’s the summary. A computer problem prevented Mari Ivan’s parish survey summary from appearing in last week’s bulletin. It now appears on the other side of this letter. Have a blessed week!

In cordibus Iesu et Mariae,

Fr. Poggemeyer