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Bulletin Letter November 13

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, This past week we began preparation for the Marian consecration that will happen at the feastday Masses of the Immaculate Conception, December 7-8. We are using the program entitled 33 Days to Morning Glory, by Fr. Michael Gaitley. The introduction to the program explains

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Bulletin Letter November 6

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, This past week I got a call from Alan Badia of the Parish Life Department of the Diocese. He wanted to know if I would be willing to bring a small team of staff and parish leaders to the Amazing Parish Conference in Atlanta

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Bulletin Letter October 30 2016

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, Here are a number of items I’m thinking of right now for our parish: The closing of our Holy Door will be Saturday, November 19 at the 6 PM Mass. This date is a bit different than what we had planned all along, because

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Bulletin Letter October 23

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, Ever since my arrival here at the parish over two years ago, I have tried to reach out to the Hispanic community in Paulding County. A number of parishioners have been helpful in this, but especially Xari and Mel Martinez. Xari and Mel having

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Bulletin Letter October 16

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, I sometimes wonder if parishioners realize how much good stuff a pastor gets to do and witness in a given week. Here’s a partial list of great things that made up my past week: -Of course first on the list is the fact that

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Bulletin Letter October 9

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, On Thursday, September 29, we had our first finance council meeting of the new academic year. Below are the highlights: -We reviewed the fact that the finance council is a consultative body for the pastor, and we explained that we are trying to get

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Bulletin Letter October 2 2016

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, In August Bishop Thomas wrote a letter to all pastors saying that he had accepted an invitation from the World Apostolate of Fatima (a.k.a. “The Blue Army”) to receive the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of Fatima Statue that is traveling the USA for

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Bulletin Letter September 25 2016

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, This past week Deacon Joe Malenfont and Alan Badia of the Parish Life and Evangelization Department of the Diocese attended our deanery meeting. They spoke to us of a program called “Alpha”. Here is a description of Alpha from the promotional materials: Alpha is

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Bulletin Letter September 18

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, Perhaps by now many of you have heard that Darlene Herber accepted the position as front office assistant. She is already doing a fine job, and I am grateful for her willingness to join us. Many thanks to all those who worked to make

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Bulletin Letter September 11

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, Here’s another hodgepodge of items to comprise my weekly letter: -The Divine Mercy School year seems to have started out very well. Our new principal, Mr. Joe Linder, is doing a great job. One of his first challenges was dealing with a power outage

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