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Bulletin Letter September 14

Dear Parishioners, Last weekend we had our luncheon and devotional talk for lectors of the parish. For our discussion we focused on the first chapter of a section of Vatican II Council’s Constition on Divine Revelation, entitled “Sacred Scripture, Its Inspiration and Divine Interpretation”. In this paragraph

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Bulletin Letter September 7

Dear Parishioners, One of the most impressive aspects of this parish is its volunteerism. I don’t believe I’ve seen volunteerism permeate the life of a parish so thoroughly before. I just ended my first month here, and it seems I am always learning about some task, some

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Bulletin Letter August 31

Dear Parishioners, First of all, I have some very good news: We hired as our new business manager Dianne Jones, currently District Manager – Vice President at the State Bank and Trust Company here in Paulding. Dianne brings with her many years of experience from various facets

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Bulletin Letter August 24

Dear Parishioners, With this letter I would like to call all young men who are willing and able to serve at the altar during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We are ready to start scheduling servers for the fall months, and that means we should soon

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Bulletin Letter August 17

Dear Parishioners, We had our first finance council meeting under my direction on Thursday, July 31st. The following is a brief overview of our discussion: -We reviewed the purpose of a finance council: to be a source of wisdom for the pastor regarding the temporal goods of

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Bulletin Letter August 10

Dear Parishioners, Have you noticed the use of the chalice veil and the burse during our Masses? The chalice veil is that piece of cloth draped over the chalice which matches the priest’s vestments. Is the chalice veil required? No. But the General Instruction on the Roman

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Bulletin Letter July 27

Dear Parishioners, My guess is that many of you have noticed that on the altar during Mass now there stands a small crucifix, with the corpus (body) facing me. Why is this? I am employing what many have come to know as the “Benedictine arrangement” of the

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Bulletin Letter July 20

Dear Parishioners, What follows is a letter I sent to families with girl altar servers this week. I thought it would be helpful for all to see it. Greetings in Jesus Christ! With this letter I would like to make known to you my intention to discontinue

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Bulletin Letter July 13

Dear Parishioners, This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly bulletin letter. It will be a means for me to inform, educate and nourish above and beyond what I can accomplish in a 10 minute weekend homily. I hope you will find it

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