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Bulletin Letter December 28

Dear Parishioners, At the beginning of a New Year, I want to write some words about the “New Evangelization” lately being spoken about everywhere in the Catholic world. The New Evangelization was very much discussed at the recent fall meeting of United States Bishops in Baltimore. It

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Bulletin Letter December 21

Dear Parishioners, In a few days we celebrate Christmas, the Feast of the Incarnation. God takes on flesh, i.e., human nature. Technically, this act of joining divine nature to human nature is called the “hypostatic union”. God’s commitment to his creation, especially to the human race, is

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Bulletin Letter December 14

Dear Parishioners, I think high school ministry was easily the area most commented upon in last spring’s parish survey regarding what should be improved. In addition to the many comments on the survey, I have had numerous people approach me since I arrived to mention their concern

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Bulletin Letter December 7

Dear Parishioners, On November 20th, we had another pastoral council meeting. The following is a summary: -Most of the time was spent considering the Mass times survey that was put together by the Mass times committee. We are so grateful for their work. Both the Mass times

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Bulletin Letter November 30

Dear Parishioners, Bishop Daniel Thomas’ evening vespers and welcoming reception at Defiance St. John’s Parish on November 17 was tremendous! I knew many parishioners would not be able to come, because of prior commitments; but the turnout from Divine Mercy Parish was impressive–even despite terribly cold temperatures

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Bulletin Letter November 23

Dear Parishioners, Here is a smorgasbord of parish activity/news that I am thinking of: -This past week the Paulding campus air conditioning committee met to finalize our decision to ask the Diocese for permission to upgrade the air conditioning system, fixing the problem of loudness, and lack

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Bulletin Letter November 9

Dear Parishioners, National Vocations Awareness Week for the Church in the United States was moved from January to this past week. The particular focus of this week is vocations to the priesthood and religious life. I would like to focus especially on the priesthood, given that the

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Bulletin Letter November 16

Dear Parishioners, When I received a totally unexpected call from the Diocesan Administrator this past Spring, asking me to leave the two parishes I was pastoring, and which I loved (I love Divine Mercy parishioners! Don’t mistake what I am saying here.) it took a very special

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Bulletin Letter November 2

Dear Parishioners, +JMJ With this letter I would like to give you a quick synopsis of the most recent Financial Council meeting we had – almost 2 weeks ago now: -We reviewed our initial responses to each of the findings from the diocesan audit. Our responses were

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Bulletin Letter October 26

Dear Parishioners, On Monday, October 13th the Vatican released its Relatio post disceptionem, its “report after discussion”; i.e., the final document weaving in all of the themes discussed thus far at the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome on the topic of the family. Because there has

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