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Bulletin Letter – 10/27/19

Dear Parishioners,                                                                                                                                  +JMJ A couple weeks ago, I wrote Bishop Thomas to ask his direction and permission regarding two liturgical items at our Payne campus. I believe it was within my first year at Divine Mercy that Chris and Charles Schaefer took me to their Morton

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Bulletin Letter December 14

Dear Parishioners, I think high school ministry was easily the area most commented upon in last spring’s parish survey regarding what should be improved. In addition to the many comments on the survey, I have had numerous people approach me since I arrived to mention their concern

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Bulletin Letter September 14

Dear Parishioners, Last weekend we had our luncheon and devotional talk for lectors of the parish. For our discussion we focused on the first chapter of a section of Vatican II Council’s Constition on Divine Revelation, entitled “Sacred Scripture, Its Inspiration and Divine Interpretation”. In this paragraph

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