Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers – assist in the celebration of Mass, weddings, funerals, and benediction. Through their ministry, and experience, they grow in their knowledge and relationship with God.

Decorators – are responsible for decorating the church and narthex for the Liturgical Seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and large feasts celebrated during the year.

Sacristans –work in the sanctuary and areas used for worship. Their main care is for the candles, baptismal font and holy water fonts. Students who wish to become sacristans will be paired with an adult who will help them learn how to do this ministry.

Eucharistic Ministers – persons directly responsible for the reverent handling and distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Lectors – communicate the Word of God in the first two readings at Mass

Greeters – are stationed at all entrances to welcome people entering the church. They may assist the congregation with any questions and/or needs.

Ushers – help people find seats, take up the collection(s), and generally assist the congregation with any questions and/or needs.