This sacrament goes by many names: Confession, Penance, Reconciliation. Through this sacrament, we acknowledge our sins, express our sorrow in a meaningful way, receive the forgiveness of Christ and his Church, make reparation for what we have done and resolve to do better in the future. It is truly a celebration of God’s love and forgiveness!

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is always available by appointment with Father. Confessions are also available in Payne at 3:15 PM before the Saturday Mass, at Antwerp at 7:45 AM before the Sunday Mass, and in Paulding after the Saturday Mass and at 10:10 AM before the Sunday Mass.

Confession Times

Saturday -3:15 pm – Payne
Saturday – Paulding – after mass
Sunday7:45 am – Antwerp
Sunday10:10 am – Paulding
Friday8:15 am – Payne

Or by appointment, call 419-399-2576 to schedule