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New Movie about the Life of St Faustina!

The St. Faustina movie that was in theaters October 28 has added one more day for showings!  Monday, December 2nd, the movie will show at Regal Coldwater Crossing 14 in Fort Wayne, Fallen Timbers 14+ Xtreme in Maumee, and Franklin Park 16 in Toledo

Fr. Poggemeyer said “I learned that a movie about Saint Faustina is coming to theatres called, “Love and Mercy – Faustina”. The movie was previewed at the last World Youth Day in Panamà. A description of the movie, as well as information about the locations where it will be shown, and tickets, can be found at the link below.

As part of coming into our identity as Divine Mercy Parish, knowledge of Saint Faustina is key. I really have to preach more about her own life, but it can’t all be covered in a homily. This movie strikes me as a great opportunity for all of us to get to know better this saint through whom Jesus gave the world the special devotion to Divine Mercy. I hope all the theaters are packed on that Monday. Please spread the word to family and friends.”

You can find out more about this amazing new movie here.

Our parishioners who attended the first showing shared that you need to buy tickets ahead of time.  Even though there were empty seats in the theaters, they were not selling tickets at the doors.  Also, those who saw the movie said there were bonus features that were shown after the credits, so if at all possible, stay for that bonus footage!

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