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Bulletin Letter February 22

Dear Parishioners, This last couple weeks we had the kick-off of the Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal. I have been told that every household has received a mailing by now. I encourage everybody to give something, no matter how small the gift. Together I’m sure we can reach

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Bulletin Letter November 30

Dear Parishioners, Bishop Daniel Thomas’ evening vespers and welcoming reception at Defiance St. John’s Parish on November 17 was tremendous! I knew many parishioners would not be able to come, because of prior commitments; but the turnout from Divine Mercy Parish was impressive–even despite terribly cold temperatures

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Bulletin Letter November 16

Dear Parishioners, When I received a totally unexpected call from the Diocesan Administrator this past Spring, asking me to leave the two parishes I was pastoring, and which I loved (I love Divine Mercy parishioners! Don’t mistake what I am saying here.) it took a very special

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