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Bulletin Letter 3/14/21

Dear parishioners, As we enter into Holy Week next week, we enter into what my high school tennis coach called “the Super Bowl of the Church.”  Perhaps that phrase is a bit casual to describe the solemn events we will be entering into, but it does capture

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Bulletin Letter – 4/8/18

Dear Parishioners,                                                                                                                                  +JMJ Thank you to everybody who put so much work into making our Easter Triduum services beautiful (deacons, musicians, cantors, ushers, decorators, sacristans, etc.) ! I was pretty proud of the way everything happened. I know it’s a ton of work to make our

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Bulletin Letter April 12

Dear Parishioners, We had another finance committee meeting back on March 19. The following is a quick summary of what was discussed: -We examined the profit and loss statement year-to-date, the balance sheet also. We noted that next year’s budget is due to the Diocese by May

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