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Bulletin Letter March 15

Dear Parishioners, First of all I want to thank everybody who has already donated to the Bishop’s Annual Catholic Appeal. As of the writing of this letter we are only $6,000 below our goal. That is pretty impressive. I am impressed by the generosity of our parishioners.

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Bulletin Letter December 14

Dear Parishioners, I think high school ministry was easily the area most commented upon in last spring’s parish survey regarding what should be improved. In addition to the many comments on the survey, I have had numerous people approach me since I arrived to mention their concern

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Bulletin Letter November 23

Dear Parishioners, Here is a smorgasbord of parish activity/news that I am thinking of: -This past week the Paulding campus air conditioning committee met to finalize our decision to ask the Diocese for permission to upgrade the air conditioning system, fixing the problem of loudness, and lack

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