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Bulletin Letter – 11/21/21

Dear parishioners, We have scheduled our next round of town hall meetings to continue our long-term planning process.  We wanted to schedule this round of meetings before the end of the year, as many head south to warm up around that time.  The dates for the next

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Bulletin Letter – 6/27/21

Dear Parishioners, As this Wednesday, June 30, marks the end of the fiscal year, we will be preparing the annual financial report in the coming weeks. Once the report is reviewed by our parish finance council, we will be mailing it out to all parishioners as we

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Bulletin Letter – 6/13/21

Dear parishioners, With the Covid restrictions now lifted for parish functions, we will do what we can to plan for our regular parish events.  Please be patient with me as I learn what those events are and what all is involved with each one! You may have

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