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Bulletin Letter – 5/14/23

Dear parishioners, As usual, I would like to provide the highlights of our most recent finance council meeting, which reviewed our finances through the end of February. At the end of February, our savings account held a little over $26,000.  Second collection accounts.  At the end of

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Bulletin Letter – 6/6/21

Dear parishioners, We recently had our last finance council meeting of the fiscal year (diocesan fiscal year is July 1- June 30).  Below is a summary of what was discussed. As I mentioned in another bulletin article, we budgeted a total of $11,000 for our Easter collections. 

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Bulletin Letter – 5/27/18

Dear Parishioners,                                                                                                                                            +JMJ We had a finance council meeting this past week, and with this bulletin letter I really want to focus primarily on what is happening with school finances – i.e., the vision. This is

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