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Bulletin Letter – 08/13/17

Dear Parishioners,                                                                                                                                  +JMJ  Canon Law (Church law) requires that once a year there be a financial disclosure to the whole parish. The fiscal year for the Diocese runs July 1-June 30; and the end-of-year reports are due by the end of July. The financial information in

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Bulletin Letter November 6

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, This past week I got a call from Alan Badia of the Parish Life Department of the Diocese. He wanted to know if I would be willing to bring a small team of staff and parish leaders to the Amazing Parish Conference in Atlanta

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Bulletin Letter October 23

+JMJ Dear Parishioners, Ever since my arrival here at the parish over two years ago, I have tried to reach out to the Hispanic community in Paulding County. A number of parishioners have been helpful in this, but especially Xari and Mel Martinez. Xari and Mel having

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