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Bulletin Letter – 12/18/22

Dear parishioners, In last weekend’s bulletin, I answered some questions regarding the capital campaign.  Now that the parish-wide mailer has been sent and delivered, I have heard a handful of people asking another question.  This question pertains to why pledges/donations are sent to an address in Connecticut. 

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Bulletin Letter – 12/4/22

Dear parishioners, Since I provided an update regarding the capital campaign a couple weeks ago, I have received a few questions, which I would like to take a moment to answer here.  Thank you to those who have asked questions; this is definitely preferred over people turning

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Bulletin Letter – 10/9/22

Dear parishioners, Many thanks to those who have already stepped forward to volunteer for the ministries that will be needed at the 8:30 Mass as we move forward.  As I mentioned at Mass a few weeks ago, all parishioners are welcome to take part in these ministries:

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