Video Message from Bishop Thomas

Last weekend, Fr. Ammanniti talked about how important it is for us and for all people of good will to vote no on issue 1 on the ballot that Ohioans are currently voting on. The amendment proposes to enshrine abortion up to birth, transgender surgeries and hormones which mutilate the body, and contraception, among other items, as a constitutional right for all who live in the State of Ohio. Please note that the proposed
amendment includes everyone- meaning that all of the above would be considered an undeniable right even to minors. Of course, this means that parents would have no rights whatsoever if their minor child wished to pursue an abortion or a so-called transgender operation.

Bishop Thomas recorded a very helpful video about the extreme nature of this proposed amendment. As I mentioned, he does not go into politics, but wants everyone to be aware of the extreme language of this amendment and the grave consequences that will result if issue 1 passes. Please take a moment to watch his 7-minute video here.

Also, please consider sharing the link to the video on any of your social media accounts. If you would like to see the full language of the proposed amendment, you can find it at This site also provides some helpful talking points on the issue.